AIPi  Italian Interior Designers Association was founded in Milan in 1969as a reference for those professional figures, such as project managers and designers, whose activity of projecting and designing interiors was and  still is a complementary and integral part in the total architecture of a building.  The interior designer identifies, researches and creatively solves problems regarding the function of the interiors. He performs services that include programming, studying the project, projecting the site, esthetics  and inspection of the work using his own experience and specialized  knowledge about interior construction , the building system and the components, the building  code, the equipment, the materials and the furniture; he prepares the drawings and documents related to the project of the inside space to improve life quality and preserve health, safety and wellness of the public.

AIPi in Italy is the only association in this category that qualifies the Interior Designer professionwith the target of constantly improving the quality of this professional figure and valorizing it in the economic context. From several years the Association has assumed a leading role in the architecture and interior design world, using a great effort to increase its visibility in this field at a national and international level. Many are the initiatives and events of cultural relevance realized and in program, of those it needs to be mentioned the International Interior Design Contest. AIPi is present all over the national territory through its Territorial Regional Delegations , which collaboration is of great importance in order to promote the image of the association and of the interior designer profession also in different local realities.

AIPi is a member of:

IFI International Federation of Interior architects / designers

ECIA European Council of Interior Architects

BEDA Bureau of European Designers Association


The Association pays great attention to young people and the world of training, it is Founding Member of – Consortium of Politecnico di Milano, and works closely with the University of Milan, Turin and Venice, with the IED in Milan, IAAD of Turin and other qualified institutions.

AIPi part of CoLAP – Free Professional Associations Coordination.